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TSHWABAC in association with:

Tshwabac today

Tshwabac’s offices are situated on the Tshwane Events Centre (formerly known as the Pretoria Show Grounds), a 39-hectare property situated 3 km from the Pretoria Central Business District, which it owns and manages. It is one of the major role players in the region and is acknowledged by the Tshwane Metro as a strategic partner, specifically as regards broad economic development, upliftment projects, and tourism promotion.

TSHWABAC has been or still is instrumental in collaboration with the City of Tshwane and other role players in the implementation of:

  • Hosting and organizing the first Tshwane Business Week;
  • Organising and hosting the inaugural Tshwane International Trade and Infrastructure Investment Conference (TITIIC) in May 2008 as well as the second TITIIC in May 2009;
  • Organising and hosting the inaugural Tshwane Tourism Fair in September 2008;
  • Hosting and arranging six informal and consultative seminars for emerging farmers on agricultural cooperatives throughout Tshwane;
  • Co-championing the first Tshwane Agricultural Summit;
  • Securing a sponsorship of 15 tons of vegetable seeds and providing it free of charge to subsistence farmers in Tshwane and Madibeng;
  • Established and managing FabLab Soshanguve in collaboration with Tshwane and the CSIR;
  • Developing the establishment of a sustainable urban farming project in Tshwane, aimed at providing a sustainable livelihood to unemployed black females;
  • Having signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Impact Research International, a wholly black-owned company comprising various academics and researchers, with a view to jointly pursuing various economic development projects;
  • Establishing the Tshwane Business Forum;
  • Serving on the City's Agricultural Advisory Committee.


Jacaranda Events -
Tshwane Events Centre -

Company reg no: 1951 000 1508
Vat no: 4830 120 566

205 Soutter Street
Tshwane Events Centre

Po Box 933

AJ Badenhorst (chairperson) HS van Gass ( Vice –Chairperson) WF Du Toit (CEO) GRS Abayaratne, S Nape , J Olivier, Mrs R Rodgers, Prof P Soundy; Co-opted:JN Jansen van Rensburg Company secetary: LC Serfontein.

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